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I just got home from the Nationals tournament in Louisville, and I had an injury while playing. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the doc who took care of me. I can remember her name, but I know she's a tall, blond primary care doc who specializes in sports medicine and she plays basketball. She helped me with what I thought was just a really bad sprained ankle, but ended up being broken, as I learned from an X-ray when I got home.

Anyways, please tell her she was a huge comfort to me and I appreciated her help and kindness. Thanks again for having great people at the tournament.

Tamsen C.


Thanks for another year of outstanding work for us. The athletes and parents really appreciate your expertise and professionalism. You are a real asset to the tournament. (“You” includes all your people, of course!)

Kay R., Executive Director, FRVBC


My daughter played at the Jr. Olympics last week for a 14U team. She jammed her finger off a block the 1st day. It got really swollen and purple!

I just want to take the time to let you know that the trainers that were on the job during the duration of her age level were awesome. They were very attentive, very knowledgeable and extremely great with the kids. It got to be where she went in everyday for them to look at her finger and tape it and I think she just kept going over there to chat. They were very caring, fun, and great with the kids and parents. They reevaluated her finger every day and she kept on playing! Thanks for supplying such great trainers at the tournament. We even took pictures of them!

Joy C., St. Louis Missouri


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